English Summer Camp 2018~day 2~

☆The 2nd day

We went to Aoki Lake. Kids challenged “Raft building” in teams! They only learned how to hitch by seeing the instruction sheet. No one showed the actual way!  Of course!!kids were confused. They had to build by themselves.

6655881D-44C2-4DAC-A1CD-C1D3075FCA39Let’s just try!

We don’t have much time left!


80C685AB-8D87-4995-AA12-DD7C2C4D49C8I wonder if we can say “it is froating!”.↓

47180638-E60F-4C3D-B3A6-602FD13C1696Anyway, Let’s just go!!


Some parts has broken…..but! it doesn’t matter! Have fun!


↓sup(stand up paddle)


I also enjoyed Aoki Lake in a kanoe. How beautiful!!!


Lunch Time: We ate Vegan food.E6C67346-6275-435F-82AB-0DF47D67C6BD

we can choose ingredients (tomato, cucumber, sauce, chicken….and so on.)
Staff:chicken or KARAAGE?(it taste karaage,but actually it’s Tofu!)
kids:KARAAGE , please!


What a nice lunch time with this awesome view!


I can’t show the other activity we did in the afternoon.So next time….. to be continued.






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