Summer English Camp ~last day~

The last day,  since typhoon was coming…we,Nagoya team changed the schedule. We had to leave earier than we were planning.

When we finished breakfast, quickly packed everything into the bag to go home, and…..

☆Kids wrote the message cards to group members!


☆hand the messge cards to group members.


When  they hand it to friends, they read the message they wrote. It’s a little bit embarrasing ….but they( both who passed and got) looked really happy!


We wanted to have longer time to say good-bye to friends of NAGANO group! But really!!we had only few minites to do that.Jumped into the car!


After we left the hotel, members of NAGANO made the speeches!(kids had prepared through the camp) I wanted nagoya team members to do the same experience!

This English camp was the first experience for me. through this camp , with great teacher “Mayumi”, I really learned a lot!

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    I’m proud of my friend!